7 Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love With Interior Shutters

Blinds, and shades, and shutters oh my! With the number of window treatments available on the market today, picking the right treatment for your windows can feel a little overwhelming to say the least.

In many ways, choosing the perfect window covering is a lot like choosing the perfect man or woman to marry. Think we’re exaggerating? Just consider the similarities:

  1. There are more options out there than you can handle.
  2. You shouldn’t, but you’re going to worry about what your friends think.
  3. You might feel bad saying it, but looks are important.
  4. Making the wrong choice can have a LOT of consequences.
  5. Your decision will often come down to whether you fall in love.

Now that we’ve convinced you of the importance of this decision, we’d like to give you a bit of advice as you move forward with your search (for window treatments, not a spouse). In particular, we’d like to focus on one of the most popular window treatments around today.

So, without further ado, here are seven reasons why you’ll hopelessly, madly, and completely fall in love with interior shutters!

1. They’ll Add Unique Elegance to Your Room

As we mentioned earlier, looks are important, and your windows are often the most prominent feature of any room. Given that fact, installing interior shutters is a fantastic way to dramatically change the look and feel of your living space.

The best window shutters are handcrafted with real hardwoods, which provides your room with a distinct and natural ambiance that is both relaxing and welcoming.

Once installed, shutters tie in wonderfully with your home’s existing trimwork, making them look as though they were installed during your home’s original construction. This gives your room a seamless continuity that exemplifies refined elegance. It can truly be love at first sight!

2. Shutters Work With Any Style Decor

If you’re worried about how well new shutters will tie in with your existing decor, unwind with a glass of wine and let us put your mind at ease.

With their timeless beauty and clean lines, interior shutters are a great addition to any style of room, from traditional to contemporary, and rustic to “shabby chic”! Want proof? Just take a look at HGTV’s dedicated page for interior shutter projects.

With an almost endless number of natural grain, paint, and stain finishes available, you can be certain that new shutters can be easily customized to fit your style, and are capable of taking your living space to the next level.

multiple decor styles interior shutters

3. You’ll Save Money over the Long Term

They say love is more important than money, but why not have both? That’s right – shutters can actually SAVE you money over time.

First, window shutters can work wonders for your home energy bills by serving as an added layer of insulation at the most vulnerable point of your home’s energy defense barrier – your windows.

Another perk to dressing your windows with those gorgeous hardwoods is the added home value they’ll provide. Compared to other more temporary/removable window treatments, shutters are a much more permanent feature of your home, and can easily bump up that asking price should you ever decide to sell.

4. Interior Shutters Protect You and Your Furniture

Most of us are smart enough to put on a little sunscreen before we hit the beach, but we often forget that the damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays can still impact us – and our furniture – inside our homes.

The constant stream of sunlight entering your room can gradually fade your rugs, coffee tables, furniture fabrics, and wall hangings, which slowly but surely strips away the beauty from your once vibrant room.

Luckily, plantation shutters serve as an effective solution to the slow decline of your living space. Thanks to adjustable louvers that stretch across your entire window, you can let in just the right amount of light to enliven your room, while also keeping the sun’s rays at bay!

5. Your Guests Will Be WOWed!

What’s better than showing off a hot date out on the town? Showing off your new shutters to the neighbors! Just kidding – we know you’d never take pleasure in such a thing (it’ll be our little secret).

But in the event you decide to have a house party, rest assured that interior window shutters are sure to impress. Conversation starter? More like conversation STOPPER. You’ll know what we mean once you help your guests to pick their jaws up off the floor.

6. Extra Curb Appeal

Believe it or not, interior window shutters can actually have a dramatic impact on your home’s exterior as well.

For starters, plantation shutters can be easily seen from the street due to their prominent presence within your window frames, which can be further amplified with unique paint and stain finishes.

When used in all street-facing rooms of the house, shutters can give your home’s exterior a more consistent appearance that elevates your overall curb appeal, while also hiding any clutter that would be normally visible through your windows:

interior shutters home exterior curb appeal

7. They’re Built to Last

Falling in love is one thing, but keeping that love alive is what is really important. Luckily, that’s easy to do with custom shutters thanks to their quality, handcrafted construction, which gives them reliable durability and longevity.

With regular dusting, occasional louver tension adjustments, and a little non-wax polish every now and then, your shutters will provide your room with remarkable beauty and reliable functionality for years to come, allowing you to reap the maximum reward for your investment.

Are You in Love Yet?

If you notice your heart beating a little faster, that’s because you’ve just suffered a serious bite from the love bug!

When you consider all the benefits of having new interior shutters installed in your home, it’s no wonder so many homeowners hold these beloved window treatments close to their hearts.

If you’d like to dive deeper into everything there is to know about window shutters, be sure to read our Plantation Shutters Buyers Guide for 2019. Within it you’ll find plenty of helpful information including cost expectations, customization options, maintenance tips, and more.

If you’re a resident of Kansas City or Overland Park, contact our professional shutter installers for a free design consultation and window measurement in your home via phone at (816) 587-1990, or schedule an appointment directly through our contact page.